BeeTagg QR Reader
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Supported Codes
BeeTagg Code
QR Code
EAN-13 / UPC-A
Content types
Link, SMS, Text, Call, vCard, Email, Calendar and Geo. The BeeTagg QR Reader understands them all. Want to generate your own codes?
CombiCodes with Smart Client Technology
While other readers just open the phone’s browser after scanning a code, the BeeTagg QR Reader is able to receive additional information and offer contextual actions.
Favorites is a useful feature of the BeeTagg QR Reader.
Every code or content can be saved to the Favorites so you don’t forget about it and can reload it at any time.
If your company offers 2D Codes services to your customers you might want to consider a Branded Code Reader. That way no third party brand gets in your way. Contact our sales team for further information.
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