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BeeTagg System Update, August 2011

We are excited to give you an update on what changed on in August 2011

Let's start with the most exciting features first:


Custom Hostnames

With Custom Hostnames you can generate QR Codes and Datamatrix Codes that show instead of after scanning the code - without loosing all advantages of System Codes which you can track, edit and organize.
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Activity Map

Learn more about your users. With the new Activity Map you know where your users come from.
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And more
Portal v2.1
  • Quick Access Buttons to Your Codes, Create Codes, BeeTagg Credits - visible on every page.
  • Improved Sign In procedure
  • Selection of our valued BeeTagg Customers
Contact v1.1
  • Bug Fixing (special characters, order of phone numbers)
Generator v2.1
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