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Haustech mobile: Simple and efficient ordering system for the building equipment industry

Pestalozzi Group is a 200-year family-owned Swiss company with 300 employees. They offer full product ranges and services in several industry segments like steel technology and building equipment. The Pestalozzi Group processes around 170’000 orders each year.

The building equipment group specializes in products and solutions for the sanitary- and heating installer markets. This group was looking for an innovative solution to improve their ordering process.


Problem statement

Before Haustech mobile the ordering process was disconnected and error prone. A sanitary installer had to identify the part number, write it down, and decide if he wants to order the part right away or do it later in the day since other parts might be needed. He then needs to call the Pestalozzi customer service to place the order.  The customer service agent enters the parts into the ordering system manually.

Main pain points of this workflow are:

  • identifying the correct part numbers
  • noisy environment for placing phone orders (e.g. construction sites)
  • limitation to place orders only during opening hours
  • managing local stock efficiently

With Haustech mobile Pestalozzi offers an end-to-end solution powered by BeeTagg Technology - addressing all mentioned pain points. Once a sanitary installer subscribes to the free service he receives a preconfigured phone. Pestalozzi also supports its customers to label their stock properly.

Ordering parts becomes then a simple process. The order is placed automatically in the Pestalozzi ordering system and triggers the relevant processes. 


A short video (German) illustrating the solution can be found here: 


To build this solution, BeeTagg Technology was used in a) the mobile ordering application (client) b) the mobile parts database and c) the database connector to the Pestalozzi ordering system.



Haustech mobile offers an innovative ordering solution for the building equipment industry. With the help of a mobile phone articles are added quickly to an order. Thanks to BeeTagg Codes, which can be scanned even under difficult (light) conditions and a parts database on the phone for fast offline article lookup. Orders can be easily placed anytime and directly into the Pestalozzi ordering system and can be promptly delivered to the customers.

The solution was implemented within 3-4 months.


The innovative solution received the Swisscom Business award 2010.

Luca Federico, Marketing Manager of Haustech mobile:
„Thanks to the intuitive application our customers can easily place orders without training. Connvision Ltd. (maker of the BeeTagg System) delivered an excellent solution translating our complex requirements into simple and intuitive business workflows.”


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