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How to organize your codes

To organize your Codes, please visit the Manager of the BeeTagg QR Generator.


1. The Manager lists your Codes chronologically (30 items per page). The codes can be filtered and organized in folders.

For filtering (1) the list, select on the left side:

  • All: To list all codes
  • Starred: To list all codes tagged with a star
  • Commented: To list all codes with a comment
  • Trash: To list all codes in the trash:
  • Filter by Type: To list all codes of specific type (e.g. Dynamic Link)

On the bottom left side you can you can manager your Folders (2):

  • Create a folder by clicking on the + sign.
  • Delete a folder by clicking on the x sign.

To move a code to a folder select the codes, then click on Move to folder and select the desired folder.


2. Codes can be modified (Edit), deleted (Move to trash) or selected for statistics (Statistics):

  • Edit (1): Click on Edit to update it.
  • Statistics (2): First select the codes you’d like to analyze, then click on Statistics.
     If the codes are displayed on multiple pages, use the Add to StatsBasket feature. Once completed click Compare.


3. Each code has two additional properties:

  • Star (1): When highlighted, a code is starred and listed when the Starred filter is selected.
  • Comment (2): For each code a short comment can be entered. 

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