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Treasure Hunt with “Pirates of the Caribbean”

IMAX Corporation is one  of the world's leading entertainment technology companies, specializing in immersive motion picture technologies. The worldwide IMAX® theatre network is among the most important and successful theatrical distribution platforms for major event Hollywood films around the globe.

PHD Mobi is the leading digital agency creating innovative services that enable an ongoing consumer dialogue, and BeeTagg system partner for North and South Americas.
Problem statement

For the promotion of the 4th edition of Pirates of the Caribbean, IMAX Theaters was looking for an innovative solution connecting the movie with the “real world”. The goal was to go beyond traditional media, trailers, ads and posters. 


PHD Mobi developed for IMAX a Treasure Hunt game for the movie launch. The game took place inside shopping malls of one of the most important mall chains in LatAm, based in Curitiba, Brazil.  To participate, users had to install the BeeTagg QR Reader and start the game.

Once they found the “Treasure BeeTaggs” hidden inside the mall areas, they could scan them to:
  • View exclusive Pirates of the Caribbean movie trailer
  • Get additional information about IMAX
  • View exclusive future releases like Cars 2 and KungFu Panda 2
  • Win exclusive Pirates of the Caribbean surprise prizes

Project phases:

  1. Define the content of the different tags distributed in the shopping mall
  2. Design a specific software to manage the contest, number of winners, messages to be shown, etc
  3. Implement and test the mobile pages
  4. Generate and print the BeeTagg Codes and insert them in the printed material.
  5. Run print ads with BeeTaggs promoting the movie and the Treasure Hunt.
  6. Run promos on the theaters screens.
  7. Install the tags inside the mall areas.
  8. Track statistics and distribute prizes.

This project was implemented in 3 days, after all the concepts were approved and the whole campaign lasted for two weeks.


BeeTagg technology enables connecting the real with the virtual world. With the Treasure Hunt, PHD Mobi developed an innovative solution for IMAX to advertise “Pirates of the Caribbean” combining the classic ads based advertisement with a trendy, emergent mobile technology.

The project involved thousands or participants, who scanned the BeeTaggs 56% more than what was being expected by the client, showing that the BeeTagg System is becoming more and more popular in Latin America.

PHD Mobi created and developed the concept and we used BeeTaggs for the Pirates of the Caribbean movie release with above the expectations results. Now, we will use BeeTaggs as part of our year long strategy, having included them in the promotional campaigns of new movies like KungFu Panda 2, Cars 2, Transformers and Harry Potter”, said Maria A. Oliveira, IMAX (Palladium) Head of Marketing.


For further information about BeeTagg Services and Solutions please contact us.
For more information and support in North and South Americas please contact PHD Mobi.

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