What is BeeTagg?
BeeTagg is the leading Mobile Tagging system.
Mobile Tagging is the technology where you “tag” a physical object to link it with some internet resource. It’s mainly used to extend or augment an object.
Imagine an interesting story in a newspaper. Adding a “tag” at the end of the text gives the reader the possibility to know more about the story - more pictures, a video or background information.
The “tag” can also be used to initiate a process or interaction. Users can vote for it, share it with others, etc.
Why mobile? Because the “tags” can be read by using a standard mobile phone.
BeeTagg is a system that connects.
The idea of BeeTagg is to connect the physical world with the virtual world.
There are at least a dozen of ways how you can do that. One of them is using 1D or 2D Codes. Others are NFC and object recognition. We started with the Codes because it was (and we think it still is) the only way that worked very well in real world and has the widest field of possible and affordable applications.
But guess what’s next here at BeeTagg. Time to get thrilled...
BeeTagg is the world’s most advanced Code Reader.
There are quite some code readers out there. But if you use the BeeTagg QR Reader you know...
  • ...that the reader works on more platforms than any other reader.
  • ...that it has outstanding detection capabilities.
  • ...that it comes with more features than any other reader.
  • ...that it detects more code formats than other readers.
BeeTagg is the place where you create, organize and track your codes.
With the BeeTagg QR Generator you can create all different code formats and all content types. You can create Static Codes and System Codes. You can organize your codes and keep them in one place – no matter if you have 3 or 3 million codes.
You can even track and analyze them and therefore improve your campaigns or applications.
BeeTagg is the most amazing 2D Code in the world.
While some people don’t see the reason for another – even proprietary – code, we do. And some of the best run companies do, too. Use it once and you know...
  • ...that it simply works
  • ...that it can be detected in circumstances no other code can – with all phones, not just the best ones.
  • ...that it’s secure and controllable – from end to end
  • ...who the owner / producer is (Logo) and what it is for (Icon)
  • ...that it looks much better than all its 2D friends.
BeeTagg will help you create custom mobile apps with scanning capabilities.
The BeeTagg QR Reader can do incredible stuff. But it’s generic. And generic – by definition – is not specific.
But some companies have very specific needs. And they need specific and dedicated software to meet their requirements - efficiently and effectively.
That’s where our developers can jump in and help you.
BeeTagg gives you the best price for almost all products.
With our recently started application BeeTagg PriceCheck you can scan any product’s barcode to get the best price.
Download the BeeTagg QR Reader now. Scan more, pay less.
BeeTagg is the easiest way to share your contact details.
Get your own Contact Code at BeeTagg Contact. With just one click your friends, colleagues and prospects can access what you want to share with them.
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