BeeTagg QR Designer
With the BeeTagg QR Designer you'll be able to create stunning QR Codes. They will not only look much nicer, but will better attract and convert users.

See examples below (click one to create your own).

The BeeTagg QR Designer is compatible with all new and existing codes including:
  • Dynamic QR Codes (with tracking and editing capabilities)
  • Static QR Codes
  • BeeTagg Codes
  • Datamatrix
  • QR Codes with Custom Hostname
As long as the BeeTagg QR Designer is in BETA, this service is absolutely free. So, hurry up!
Crazy Banana
Robo Bee
Deep Blue Sea
Please send all suggestions, bugs and comments to our Facebook page.
Get started now
The fastest way to test the QR Designer is simply by clicking one of the example designs above, entering any URL or text and hitting the Go button. This will create a Static QR Code for you in just one step.

If you want to create a Dynamic QR Code with tracking and editing capabilities, use the blue box below. Your first QR Code is free!
Your First Designed Dynamic QR Code For Free!
Includes designing, tracking and editing capabilities.
Try with any URL     Create QR Code
BETA Limitations
The BeeTagg QR Designer is currently available as a public BETA. Therefore, errors may occur. Additionally, there are some limitations listed below:
  • Speed limits
  • Image formats: only PNG available
  • Limited set of effects
  • Effects not fully optimized for code detection
  • Only partly integrated with other BeeTagg tools.
  • 70 characters limitation
  • You cannot add logos to codes.
  • Code size
What does that mean to you?
  1. Please be patient. We are working hard to remove these limitations.
  2. Send as much feedback as possible to our Facebook page so we know what your issues and priorities are.
  3. Last but not least: test, test, test. It's very important that you test your codes thoroughly before going public.
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