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You want to get serious with QR Codes? Then use our Dynamic QR Codes (System Codes). Track them, edit them, manage and even white label them. USD 5 per QR Code. One-time. See pricing
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Generate Static QR Codes
Static QR Codes are free and great to get started. But, you can't track, edit or manage them.
With the BeeTagg QR Generator you create the following Static QR Codes.
Static Link QR Code
Static Text QR Code
Static vCard QR Code
Static SMS QR Code
Static Location QR Code
Static Call QR Code
Static Email QR Code
The answer is
Can I track my QR Codes in realtime?
Can I change the URL of my QR Codes at any time without re-printing them?
Can I white label my QR Codes so no one will see the BeeTagg brand?
Can I download vectorized and print-ready QR Codes?
Can I share realtime statistics with my customers?
Can I work with my co-workers in a team?
Can I see when and from where users are scanning my QR Codes?
Can I compare the perfomance of my QR Codes?
Can I organize my QR Codes in folders?
Can I automate QR Code generation using an API?
Can I create static offline QR Codes like Text, vCard, Geo, etc.?
Can I create thousands of QR Codes in seconds?
Can I use a script language to program my QR Codes?
Can I use dynamic parameters in the URL?
Can I star, trash and comment on my QR Codes?
Can I search my QR Codes?
Will I love BeeTagg?
And if not, will I get my money back within 24 hours?
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