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Custom Hostnames for System Codes

The BeeTagg QR Generator is the most advanced QR Code Generator in the world, giving you the capability of creating Static Codes and System Codes using a number of highly developed options.
System Codes provide you with more flexibility and sophistication than Static Codes. This includes:
  1. Capability of changing the content of the QR Code (e.g. the URL) at any time.
  2. Enhanced tracking capabilities including total clicks, clicks per period, activity map, etc. 
  3. Increased security and added control of code usage.
To enable these advanced options, System Codes need to be routed through the BeeTagg Backend using the default hostname r.beetagg.com. Thus, scanning a System Code displays a URL similar to http://www.beetagg.com/?4AE32312.
The Problem

As a brand aware customer you certainly don’t like third-party brand interference. While you want to make use of the above-mentioned tracking and editing capabilities, you also prefer to see your own URL http://qrcampaign.yoursite.com/?…, rather than http://www.beetagg.com/?… when scanning one of your codes.
Naturally, this creates a conflict, but we can offer you a nice solution.

The Solution
We listened and we added a new feature called Custom Hostname.
When you create a new System Code with the BeeTagg QR Generator, you can now choose a hostname that you added earlier to your team.  You can add as many different Custom Hostnames as you like. For each QR Code you can choose either the default hostname or one of your own.
This unique and advanced feature is not free and does require some additional work from you. We have attempted to make the process as simple and affordable for you as possible. As always, you only pay for what you need.
  • Every Custom Hostname is assigned to exactly one team.
  • Custom Hostnames may not be shared between teams.
  • Two teams may have the same Custom Hostname registered.
  • Custom Hostnames are used with System Codes only.

What You Need To Do
  1. Add a CNAME for your domain that points to r.beetagg.com. (For assistance, please contact us at [email protected])
  2. Add a new hostname to your team.  (This can be done when you create the code)
  3. Chose the hostname you want to use with the new QR Code.

The Price
You only pay for what you need!  This is our core principle for all our pricing models.
The cost is 20’000 BeeTagg Credits per Custom Hostname (visit BeeTagg Store).  This is a one-time fee and Custom Hostnames do not expire.
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