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BeeTagg is a leader and pioneer in Mobile Tagging and QR Code Services. We have offered reliable and market-proven services since 2006.
BeeTagg is a solid base to build upon. The next logical step for us was to open our system and enable you to integrate, extend and automate using BeeTagg. Build your own applications, simplify repeating tasks or extend your existing applications and services with QR Code Technology from the market leader.
Available APIs
API Name Full API Name Version Description
beetaggcore Core API v1.0 The beetaggcore API enables you to create, edit and manage Codes or Code Series.
renderer Code Renderer API v1.0 The renderer API enables you to render single Dynamic or Static Codes.
API Price
Core API 500 Credits per Code
Code Renderer API 10 Credits per Code
Contact API 500 Credits per Contact
Using the API is free, but it comes without SLA, no up-time guarantee and no technical support. If you need an SLA, guaranteed up-time or technical support, we charge 1,000 USD per month.
Contact us: [email protected]
Type of Service
The BeeTagg QR API is a RPC API. RPC stands for Remote Procedure Call.
Read calls use the HTTP "GET" method. Write calls use the HTTP "POST" method.
Hostname and protocols
The hostname is api.beetagg.com
The Api calls need to use the https protocol. E.g. http://www.beetagg.com/...
API Token
Almost all API service calls need an API Token. Every BeeTagg User has his own API Token.
Get your API Token in the API Dashboard
Request Format
  • Write requests (Add, Update, Delete) use the HTTP "POST" method.
  • Read requests (Get, Search) use the HTTP "GET" method.
  • URLs (inclusive parameter names and values) are case sensitive.
  • Parameters need to be URL encoded.
Response Format
Available API Response Formats are Xml or Json.
We recommend using Json for AJAX applications and Xml for Server-to-Server communication.

Every request will result in a response with Status Code and Status Message, plus additional request specific fields.
Response Status Codes
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