Statistics every marketing manager should know.
Know how many users scan your QR Codes, when they scan and where they are. Use the tracking capabilities to optimize your marketing activities. Compare performance of many QR Codes to learn which newspapers or magazines work best.
Change the URL, not the code.
Imagine spending 100,000 USD on an ad campaign with a QR Code, then realizing you need to change the URL after the campaign is live. No problem - if you use our Dynamic Codes you can update the URL whenever needed. With immediate effect. Whether you put the wrong URL or your IT Department changed the Mobile CMS or if you just want to point your QR Code to a different URL, with our Dynamic Codes you are always on the safe side. Don't forget, once your QR Code is printed it will stay there forever.
No 3rd party brand interference.
Do you really want your users to see bit.ly, goo.gl, or beetagg.com when they scan your QR Code? Or, should they see yourpage.com? Well, we know the answer and that's why we introduced Custom Hostnames. White label your QR Codes without loosing the ability to track and edit them.

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An advanced feature you won't find anywhere else.
With Codes Series you create thousands of QR Codes in seconds.
If you need more than 20 QR Codes for your campaign or application, you should consider using our Code Series feature. The generated QR Codes can be tracked, edited and organized in the same way as standard SystemS Codes.

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Use Dynamic Parameters to personalize your content.
Dynamic Parameters are simple to use and open the door to a new world of possibilities. Just add them to your URL and watch the magic happen. Available only with our System Codes.

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Your codes are safely and automatically stored and organized.
All codes look more or less the same and that’s why it is so important to have a tool that helps you stay organized and not lose track. Otherwise, a mess is very likely.
Star them, comment on them and trash them.
Unused codes get trashed and important ones starred. Add a short comment to each of your codes, so you and other team members know when, where, and what they are used for.
Improve effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing activities.
Use QR Codes to enrich, extend and augment your ads with multimedia content. That’s already great, but there is a nice side-effect to this benefit. Every time one of your users scans your QR Code, you receive valuable information. Information you can’t get otherwise. Our Dynamic Codes have the capability to give you this information. And guess what, it comes at no extra charge.
Meaningful statements for your clients
Imagine you have a meeting with your client and can make a statement like this:
“240 users clicked our ad in newspaper X between the 3rd and the 4th of October while newspaper Y only generated 67 clicks. 35% used an iPhone and 14% set Spanish as their main language.”
Now, that's impressive!
QR Code Benchmarking
Using QR Codes in newspapers, magazines or any other media can give you valuable information.
With our Code Comparing feature you can see with a blink of an eye which media form is working best for you. This enables you to constantly improve and optimize your campaigns.
Know how many users click your Codes - and when.
All System Codes come with statistics. Without any effort by you, you can learn how many people clicked your codes in any given period of time. Yearly, monthly, daily and hourly clicks – any time period.
Know from where your users click.
Learn where in the world the users who clicked your QR Code were when they clicked your code. Are there more clicks from city A or B? No problem, use the included Activity Map to find out.
Share statistics with your clients - easily.
Do you want to share your QR Codes' statistics with your clients without tediously exporting images or giving them account access? That's no longer a problem. Share a secret link with your clients.
Group your Codes in folders
With the Organizer you can group your Codes by customer, by campaign, by topic or by any criteria you want.
Integrated with other BeeTagg Apps
We think it’s important to have all your codes accessible from one place. No matter if the code contains a URL, a vCard, or if it belongs to a specific App like BeeTagg Contact, you can access all your Codes from the Organizer.
Work in teams.
If you are working in a marketing department or an agency, chances are there are several persons involved - either colleagues or clients. With the BeeTagg QR Generator you have the ability to work in teams where each user has different permissions and thus, different abilities to change, monitor, and interact with your codes.

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Extend and automate it.
Our API can help you automate or simplify your processes. Creating or editing codes or getting the latest statistics, can all be integrated into your existing IT infrastructure.

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Join thousands of customers.
The BeeTagg QR Generator is the most advanced QR Code Generator. We offer the right set of features, so creating and managing codes is a snap.
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