QR Codes For Business Cards
Share with prospective customers everything about you, your company or your company's products. Easy, fast and with just one scan.
$5 / Contact QR Code
= 500 Credits
24 Hour Money-Back Guarantee!
This is what you get...
A great looking and mobile friendly website about you, your company and your company’s products.

A QR Code that you can print on your business card, brochures, marketing documents, sales letters or conference badges. The QR Code is print-ready.

Know when and from where people are scanning your business card, brochures, etc. See which cities are viewing your material and analyze trends easily.

An easy way to share your contact details and other importantant information with your prospective customers.

A guarantee to make a great first impression on your prospects!
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More Than 200,000 BeeTagg Contact QR Codes Created So Far.
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Features & Benefits
Share relevant information about you, your company and your companys’ products - with just one scan on your BeeTagg Contact QR Code.
Know The Stats
Know exactly how often and from where people scan your Contact Code. And analyze trends.
Contacts Saved Easily
Your prospects, partners and friends can add your contact details to the phones’ address book in a snap.
Keep Your Data Up-to-date
If your data changes, you can edit your BeeTagg Contact at any time. Changes will take effect immediately.
Picture Gallery
Add pictures about you, your company or products. This adds personality and builds trust.
Easy Setup
You'll create your BeeTagg Contact in a snap. Hassle-free and with 100% Money-back guarantee.
Favorite Links
Share even more with links:
videos, websites, documents, factsheets, feedback forms. The sky is the limit.
Make a great first impression and print your BeeTagg Contact QR Code everywhere: on your business card, on you conference badge, on your sales and marketing documents.
Why BeeTagg Contact is better than a vCard QR Code.
What is a vCard QR Code?

Well, it’s a QR Code that contains a vCard. A vCard is a standard format that holds contact information, like a surname, first name and an address. If you scan a vCard QR Code, the QR Reader will (if the vCard format is supported) display the encoded contact information and offers the possibility to add a new contact based on the QR Code’s content.

Because all information is stored in the QR Code itself, no internet connection is needed. A BeeTagg Contact stores the person’s information on the web. So, an internet connection is needed. If a BeeTagg Contact needs a web connection and a vCard QR Code does not, what are the benefits of a BeeTagg Contact?

Track. Update. Add unlimited and media rich data.

  1. A BeeTagg Contact is able to hold an unlimited amount of data, whereas a vCard QR Code is very limited. With too much data (and it really isn’t that much) the code is not readable anymore. A BeeTagg Contact QR Code, on the other hand, can be printed much smaller and is easily detectable with all phones.
  2. A BeeTagg Contact can store many more things than just contact details. You can store a picture of the person, social networks he belongs to, blog and RSS feeds, pictures and favorite links and documents you want to promote.
  3. A BeeTagg Contact is also trackable. Do you want to know how many people scanned the code? And from where? No problem. You can use the integrated statistics from BeeTagg.
  4. Contact information is due to change, but a vCard QR Code is static. Once a static QR Code gets printed, the information cannot be changed. Be aware of this fact before you print the code on your business card, marketing or sales documents or T-Shirt – and definitely before you tattoo it! :)
  5. Last but not least, a BeeTagg Contact Code is readable by ALL QR Readers. The BeeTagg QR Reader does have some advantages, but the main features of a BeeTagg Contact Code are available with any QR Reader. vCard QR codes on the other hand only work with readers that support the vCard format and implement it correctly (think of special character in the person’s name for instance).

And btw., which Smartphone comes without internet connection these days ;)
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